6 Best Crypto’s to Watch This Week

Biggest Utilities & Biggest Movers this Week In Crypto The week of October 31 – November 4 has been a roller coaster of a week. On Monday, two of crypto’s biggest coins started off on a high note, dipped down during the middle of the week, and is now at a higher price point than […]

Is Dogecoin Still a Good Investment

Dogecoin the memecoin with seventy times Bitcoin’s gains and briefly replacing Cardano’s ADA as the 6th largest currency? Yes, you are reading that correctly. This memecoin is no stranger to the cryptosphere. It was originally started as a joke in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, both of which thought crypto was being taken […]

Top Weekly Defi Crypto Update’s

Biggest Movers this week in Crypto Have you been looking for ways to make money with cryptocurrencies? Defi tokens might be just what you are looking for. With an opportunity to invest in different cryptocurrencies with a small investment, you can earn a higher return on that investment, while still being able to diversify your […]

The Biden Administration’s Executive Order on Crypto

What are its Implications for the World of Crypto? With the Biden Administration recently unveiling an executive order on crypto, this shows that the U.S. government is now coming to terms with the fact that crypto is here to stay. Nonetheless, before going deeper into the implications of this new executive order, let’s first look […]