Now you may be thinking, “What has cannabis got to do with NFTs and Crypto?”

Exotix Tech launched an ERC-20 token on December 14th, 2021 and have been building towards incorporating cannabis into the NFT space, with the release of their phenoHYPE: Volume 01 collection.

Their NFTs are not just illustrations or photos of actual strains, they are interactive 3D objects. Using a process called photogrammetry, their photographer Nicholas Cash (Instagram: @zoom_gardens) shoots over 300 photos per bud, which results in a highly detailed, photorealistic representation of each strain they document.

What makes these NFTs so unique?

Because so many high definition photographs are taken of each specimen, these NFTs are able to be viewed from every angle, enlarged and shrunk with no loss of quality on the model. Although Exotix believes the ultimate expression of these models is in hologram displays, viewing them on any display (especially one with touchscreen capability) creates an experience that inspires exploration.

Unlike many NFT projects, the production of these models is very labor-intensive, and the creation of them, along with sourcing strains that live up to the name of Exotix, creates a natural scarcity.

As you may have noticed by the name of the collection, this is the first volume of NFTs they have released. Exotix plans to release low quantity, high quality models on a recurring basis.

Not only are these NFTs desirable for the cannabis enthusiast for the quality of the NFT, you can find a lot of detailed information about the buds, such as their THC & CBD percentage, then a further breakdown into the cannabinoids, Terpenes percentages and even as to go as far as the date the bud was harvested, tested and packaged, creating a truly unique NFT utility.

What does the future hold for Exotix?

The team continues to work alongside skilled photographers to produce their NFTs. They work with cannabis farmers, stores, production, and display technology to build their customer base.

They have and continue to attend large events representing Exotix and they have now partnered with AHRTMedia, the global leader in hologram technology.

Could you imagine a 50 FT detailed bud hologram rotating and viewable from every angle at a large-scale cannabis convention? Well Exotix can, and that future may not be too far off!

The team currently consist of 9 individuals, The CEO Kyle Allen has many years experience working within the cannabis industry, owning his own successful business, networking with major players in the cannabis field and a detailed plan of how to bring crypto into the cannabis industry.

The rest of team consists of a Chief Commercial Officer, Senior Advisor, Business Development Lead, Product Development Lead, Blockchain Developer, 3D Designer, Cannabis Photographer,

Data & Analytics Lead.

The whole team photos and descriptions can be found on their website, alongside a sample menu of various buds and a detailed description of how the display technology works.

If you believe that the cannabis industry has the potential to work within cryptocurrency then this may be the token you were looking for, with that being said we will leave you with one final quote from the Exotix team itself, “Own your favorite strain, on the blockchain”.

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