Most roller coasters are supposed to be fun to get on, with many riders throwing their hands in the air and screaming at the top of their lungs. With all the twists and turns, downhill, uphill, upside down, and sideways turns, roller coasters can really be compared to how crypto has performed this week. With the collapse of FTX, most of the crypto market has been in a roller coaster of a ride. The prices were starting to rise, then quickly went downhill, then slowly rose a bit, then sideways, down, slowly going up another steep slope. Yet, this ride is no fun because those in crypto always like to ride upwards, not zigzagging around playing with our emotions.

Despite this, there are five tokens that we want to touch on that are worth watching and always working in the background, despite the roller coaster of a ride the charts take us all on.


Bolix has many plans in its ten token ecosystem. So far, it has released its sold-out Genesis collection Rambow Cloud NFT’s and currently, is minting its second 1,500 NFT collection, the Bullionaires. With over 42% sold, this collection depicts the Bull we all like to see in both cryptocurrency and stock markets. No matter what the market currently looks like, the bull will run again, and this collection of Bullionaires is ready to get it on the road. Minting is live now at Don’t wait too long though. The key to future airdrops and exclusive giveaways is pegged to owning the RambowCloud NFTs, Bullionaires, and Bolix Token.

Aside from the day that FTX collapsed, Bolix Token has seen many buys coming in. Word is starting to spread on the benefits of owning this token, with the constant buybacks and burns, a website that has an accounting page that one can keep up with, an educational platform currently available to holders of the NFTs, and a team and community that is always ready to help anyone in need of assistance, yes, Bolix Token is certainly raising the standard in crypto.

Mandox Token

Mandox is an ERC-20 token that was launched on November 21, 2021. The core theme of this project is to help those who are in need. Its founder, Luke Humphries, has served as a missionary in Guatemala for over 17 years, where he and his family left a comfortable life they knew in the UK and took up God’s calling to serve those who needed it most.

Over the past couple of years, as cryptocurrency and NFTs started to gain popularity, Humphries thought of a way to raise money for the missions. This idea, which donates 1.5% of every buy and sell of the token to a mission’s wallet that helps fight poverty, has already changed many lives. With several NFT collections and two token launches, Mandox has been able to:

1. Donate 1,000 gifts and blankets for Christmas to 1,000 kids from Mission Guatemala

2. Giving 2 Ethereum monthly for Missions’ Guatemala school, which provides more than 200 children all of the school supplies they need

3. David, a child in Guatemala, lost his hearing in one ear and 80% of his hearing in another. After hearing about this, the Mandox team worked hard to raise the funds for David and was able to raise enough money for David to get an operation and be fitted for his very own hearing aids.

Yes, there still are great things coming from crypto and Mandox is one that is showing the difference crypto can make in the lives of those who may never know what crypto is.

Volt Inu

Volt Inu is making a tidal wave in this market that many are just coasting in. In just the past seven days, Volt Inu has risen a mind blowing 98.72%. It started the week off at $0.00000096 and is now sitting at $0.00000190. If someone invested in Volt Inu just 24 hours ago, they would be up 21.01%. Despite being down 45.97% from its all-time high of $0.000004, Volt is surely climbing its way back to reaching that, even in a market that is trying to work against it.

Interestingly, Volt has a system in their Whitepaper called, “Automated Social Activity Reward.” This tool, according to the Whitepaper, “incentivizes the involvement of VOLT holders by implementing a ranking and reward system according to the number of tasks completed to increase the exposure of VOLT.” Basically, the more a person stays involved in the token they invest into, the token will reward them, and it is not just a one-time deal. This is done weekly.

Despite the turbulent market we are in, Volt is finding ways to keep their community active, interested, and, with solid proof from the chart movements, profitable.

What is not to like about Volt?

Project X

This project is one that many may not have heard of, yet, looking at the website and its information, may be one worth doing your research on. Going to the website, the home page clearly tells you what their motto entails, “A BEP-20 token, created to reward loyalty.” In the world of crypto where many people look to buy just to sell at a quick profit, Project X wants to change this narrative and has set a roadmap to do just that with being a member of its X-Club.

There are three different levels of the X-Club: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The level a person is a part of is dependent on the amount of tokens a user holds, and each level has its own benefits. A wallet was set up that has 20% (200,000,000) of the total supply. This wallet is locked through Brewlabs and collects Ethereum as rewards on the Brewlabs site. These rewards do buybacks of the token, which are then airdropped to the holders, not once, but every single month! So far, total rewards distributed has been 22.21 Ethereum and total distributed to the wallet has been 7 Ethereum. Not too bad for a project silently working in the background.

With 26% APR staking for those who possess one million or more tokens, raffles to win Ethereum, USDT, NFTs and more for X-Club members, airdrops to holders who remain loyal and hold their Project X token, and a sharp NFT collection, that has two rare NFTs left to be minted that pays the minter $1,700, what else can a person ask for? Better act quickly though, as only 7.5% of the Project X tokens are left before they are sold out!


In a previous blog, we mentioned Brewlabs and all it has to offer. With auditing and engineering of smart contracts, token bridging, dAPP development, blockchain services, and consulting, Brewlabs is a trusted, one stop shop for anyone looking to get into cryptocurrency. Its team is made up of entrepreneurs, developers, marketing professionals and financial advisors located around the globe, Brewlabs may be a good project to dive deeper into.

Brewlabs aims to create an ecosystem that offers experienced and inexperienced crypto investors many ways to grow their portfolio while protecting against scams, honeypots, and rug pulls. One of the ways to take advantage of all Brewlabs has to offer is by holding their native token, which launched on October 18, 2022. Holders of the Brewlabs token can stake, earn reflections, and benefit from free airdrops if a holder is in the top 1500 holders of Brewlabs token. The tokenomics include 4% BUSD reflections, 3% towards marketing, 1% for liquidity pool, 4% for buybacks and burns, 1% for development of the token, and 1% towards staking rewards.

The chart for Brewlabs is pretty solid. In a week where red candles seemed to be more prevalent than green ones, Brewlabs token has mostly stayed in the green. Just in the last 24 hours, Brewlabs is up 2.60%. On Monday, the price was $0.009157. Today, it is at $0.009644, an overall increase of roughly 5%, which is not bad in our current market conditions.

If you want to look at a solid, Certik audited project, that has many opportunities for the crypto enthusiast, Brewlabs is certainly one to do your research on.

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