This week we are talking about some big communities featuring their NFT artwork based on Bulls and Apes. Whether you are “into” NFTs or not you may have heard of some of these projects, or maybe this is the time to decide to join these NFT communities.

Bulls and Apes Project

The Bulls and Apes Project commonly referred to as B.A.P launched their 10,010 Genesis collection of 3D Bulls on May 31st, 2022 at the public price of 0.22ETH, Since then the collection has grown to 10,500 as God Bulls have been created with their unique tokenomic system, in which you harvest their $METH(ane) utility token to create younger versions NFTs called Teen Bulls and devices such incubators and merger orbs.

One thing that really made B.A.P stand out from all other NFTs out there, is their implementation of a 6 month money back guarantee, directly implemented on the blockchain, if for any reason you were unsatisfied with your NFT purchase you could initiate a refund returning your OG Bull to the blockchain with unclaimed METH tokens for a full refund.

The B.A.P project have Tokenized other NFT communities as well in which owning one or more of the NFTs will also produce METH tokens, starting at 1 token a day for 7 days and reaching 3 tokens a day after 2 weeks, onboarding various communities to really show strength in numbers as NFT communities come together.

The team and project continue to evolve and their next collection of NFTs, this time Apes, is due to mint publicly on February 7th, 2023. A pre-mint was held on January 5th 2022, in which 5000 mint passes were minted in less than 40 minutes with over $1,000,000 worth of Ethereum traded for the passes. They are pushing innovation yet again with their customizable NFTs in which you will be able to change, add and remove traits to the apes affecting their rarity in which you will be able to check on their website. B.A.P is definitely an NFT project to keep on your radar.

There was some friendly competition between two BAP supporters, that go by

@Cz_Arms and @Cryptobolix on twitter. Cryptobolix thought he had minted more than Legendary CZ… that was until CZ transferred the remaining NFTs from his other wallets putting him at 248 Mints on the Portal Passes and Cryptobolix at 127. We asked Cryptobolix why he came up short, his response was “I had complications with 2 of my coinbase wallets which stopped me from minting another 100 Portal passes”

Bored Ape Yacht Club

One of the most if not THE most famous NFT Collection out there is the Bored Ape Yacht Club, aka BAYC. The NFTs Launched in April 2021 at the price of 0.08 ETH ( around $190) at the time and have become wildly successful. The Bored Ape NFT collection was inspired by 1980s and 1990s music scenes and the phrase “aping in,” which refers to recklessly investing in an altcoin or NFT project based on excitement rather than research. Since the launch of the 10,000 NFT collection, the secondary volume of NFTs on the marketplace Opensea has reached over 705,957 ETH in volume, which equates to $890,477,525 dollars at today’s price of Ethereum of $1,262 per ETH. Many of the NFTs have sold individually over a million dollars a piece and celebrities have showcased their Bored Apes across social media, holding a Bored Ape brings the owner a certain social status in the world, with access to exclusive perks and social circles in the BAYC Community.

Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC launched their own token on the Ethereum blockchain on March 17th, 2022 known as $APE coin, in which holders of BAYC received airdrops of the token. It was quickly hyped and took social media by storm, enabling new members to be a part of the BAYC universe holding the token. On May 1st, 2022, Yuga Labs launched their metaverse NFTs known as Otherside, a 100,000 collection of NFTs which caused chaos on the ETH blockchain. The demand for minting these NFTs was so high, if you were trying to Mint or transact on the Ethereum blockchain during the launch and hours after, you would be seeing gas fees upwards of $5000 just to make the transaction.

Many derivatives have been created following the BAYC creation and it’s popularity, which just goes to show how mainstream they still are to this day. The price may be a steep entry point for most, but it has to be recognized as being one of the most successful NFT projects to date.

Apes Together Strong

These Apes made it into this week’s article for their outstanding community and presence over Twitter. The Genesis collection of 4,444 Apes together strong NFTs (ATS) launched on April 12th, 2022 and has accumulated 536 Ethereum in volume on the secondary market Opensea.

Inside the Discord community where holders can verify their assets by connecting their wallets through collabland ( an AI Bot used to verify assets in DEFI wallets ) they are able to access various channels that are trait specific to their NFTs, as well as holding titles to their names in the various community channels. They hold various games and giveaways specifically for their holders. ATS NFTs have become deflationary making the NFTs more scarce overtime, as the founder has swept up many of the collection on the secondary market and sent to a burn wallet address never to be seen in circulation again, not only this, they have also been tokenized by the Bulls and Ape project and accumulate METH(ane) token daily.

The team have been holding regular giveaway spaces multiple times a week for many months, that often last 8+ hours each space, hosting various NFT projects to educate their listeners on new and existing projects with many giveaways on every space. ATS will soon launch their second collection of NFTs known as R.O.T.A ( Rise Of The Apes ),a 7,777 Collection of NFTs adding to the lore of ATS universe. Holders of the Genesis collection may use a “Looking Glass” NFT to gain a ROTA NFT by combining with their ATS NFT.

If you are looking for an ape NFT with a strong community, then ATS may be the place to start.


The Bullionaires collection is the second collection of NFTs launched from the project BolixCorp. The 1500 collection of NFTs feature Bulls with various clothing traits and backgrounds of high end fashion and play on words in their various locations.

The Bullionaires are the most recently launched collection in this article, being that they launched on November 6th, 2022, and have currently minted 80% of the collection at the time of writing, many giveaways have been held in the process of minting the NFTs but what makes these NFTs unique is the ecosystem being created around them.

Inside the project they have a tiered airdrop system in place, in which the team will deliver tokens from the planned future token launches, airdropped into the holders wallets based on the number of NFTs they hold from their first and second collection, whilst holding a portion of their native token BLX.

The team brings additional utility through their NFTs in various ways, such as their Genesis collection having access to a beta education platform offering courses on blockchain that would normally cost hundreds of dollars. The Bullionaires are set to add additional utility outside of their planned airdrops of future tokens, in ways that benefit Bullionaire holders based on the various traits on their bulls. You can find the Doxxed team on the BolixCorp website alongside the roadmap and ecosystem graphics to how they plan to move forward through 2023, with links to their NFTs on Opensea showing their various rankings in rarity, though no matter the rarity, you could say all Bullionaires were made equal, in that simply holding any of the collection gives access to their tiered airdrop ecosystem.

If you are looking for your first Bull NFT, then the Bullionaires might be the one for you.

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